Expert Arena 2023 Program

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Coming to the Modern Manufacturing Expo in September at the Sydney Showgrounds?

Be our guest at the Expert Arena on the exhibition floor and listen to short & sharp information sessions by key manufacturing industry professionals providing insight, wisdom and best practice.

Join us at this key industry manufacturing event that will help transform today’s manufacturers into tomorrow’s manufacturers.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

9:40 – 9:50am

MC – Mitsubishi Electric, Welcome

9:50 – 10:00am 

The Hon Ed Husic MP - Minister for Industry and Science

Official Opening

The Hon Ed Husic MP – Minister for Industry and Science

10:00 – 10:20am 

Meighan Heard

Making the invisible visible – Unlock the power of data for sustainable operations

Accessing all the information you need to make informed decisions to run efficient and sustainable operations can be challenging. The data you need might be stored across different systems, making it time-consuming and costly to analyse. We will discuss the benefits of SCADA, a solution making the invisible visible, letting you visualise, analyse, and optimise complex processes in real time. It’s cloud-enabled and compatible with various devices, allowing you to connect back to control systems for enhanced information visualisation. Streamline operations and make informed decisions faster than ever before with SCADA.

Meighan Heard, Executive Director, Commercial and Corporate, Mitsubishi Electric

10:20 – 10:50am 

Manufacturing for the Future – how will you futureproof your business?

We will discuss how your business can gain efficiencies and increase both productivity and cashflow through the development and implementation of smart technology, from Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in manufacturing processes to digitisation and automation of your current ERP processes. We will also cover R&D initiatives in your business to promote Green and Sustainable Manufacturing, given the recent Federal Budget focus on energy transition in this industry, through clean energy and decarbonisation of existing industries, as well as support for low emissions and renewable technologies.

Jessica Olivier, National Leader, Manufacturing
Brynt Moggach, NetSuite Sales Director, RSM Australia

10:50 – 11:20am

Master the 5 Building Blocks of Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is essential for optimising your supply chain and ensuring your business’ success. It enables you to meet customer demand, minimise costs, streamline operations and optimise cash flow. By focusing on inventory management, your business can improve its bottom line and ensure long-term success.

Let’s explore the five essential building blocks of inventory management, including portfolio and assortment management, master data accuracy, parameter determination, inventory management processes, and supply chain management. By mastering these key elements, you can streamline your supply chain, maximise efficiency, and minimise waste. Join this session to learn the secrets of inventory management success and take steps to maximise your businesses’ efficiency from inventory experts.

Frank Bucolo, Supply Chain Consultant, Slimstock

11.20 – 11:50am

Robotics Industry In Australia

An overview of the RAG Robotics Roadmap, some commentary on the National Robotics Strategy, and emerging commercial opportunities. The RAG vision is to build a sustainable robotics industry in Australia by supporting the entire robotics ecosystem, from the companies building robots to those researching and developing new robotic technologies, robotics educators and enthusiasts, companies looking to adopt robots and robotics-related technologies, and the companies providing business services and investment. We welcome your engagement to invest and grow this industry.

Christian Ruberg, Director, Robotics Australia Group

1.00 – 1:30pm

Vikram Sachdeva

Resilience, Sustainability and Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing with SERVITIZATION

Servitization is a transformation process through which a manufacturing company changes its business model to compete through a bundle of products and services, rather than products alone. Evolving over the last 50 years through base and intermediate levels, Advanced Services are outcome-based offerings that help manufacturer’s customers be more successful. These services focus on delivering outcomes from the product usage rather than selling product ownership. Enabled by adopting a customer needs focus with technologically enhanced products, these services create a triple-bottom-line impact of people, planet and profit, along with a long-term impact of differentiation, financial sustainability, increased market share and customer loyalty for the manufacturing business.

Vikram Sachdeva, Operations Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub, Swinburne University

1:30 – 1:50pm

Building Resilience through Connected Data

Manufacturers are facing enormous challenges. Disrupted supply chains, slowing economies and rising inflation are all testing the resilience of businesses – and that’s before considering their own operational challenges. But there’s always opportunity amongst adversity, and with many organisations adopting modern technology, new efficiencies, business models and markets are emerging.

Join  Toni Jones and Chris Mackenzie as they explore these new technologies and how connected data can help build a more resilient business.

During this session, you will learn: 

  • Overview of the macroeconomic environment and impact on manufacturing and supply chain 
  • The value of transparency in supply chain 
  • How to achieve visibility of your entire manufacturing operations
  • Customer story: SGECSCO

Toni Jones, Partner in Charge, Clients Growth & Markets, Enterprise | Sector Leader, Manufacturing & Life Sciences, KPMG Australia

Chris Mackenzie, Head of Presales, Wiise Australia

1:50 – 2:10pm

Consolidating Smart Manufacturing Solutions to Achieve Improvement Synergy

Today’s manufacturers, chasing Industry 4.0 best practice, often find themselves data-rich but insight-poor. Struggling to extract meaningful information or take action thanks to ‘point solutions’ designed for one function but not the entire organisation. Operationalising each and every system becomes an overwhelming (and ultimately redundant) task.

Join us to demystify how everything from EHS, CMMS, QMS, ERP and more can be enhanced when brought under one roof through a connected, digital platform. Through real-world examples from our manufacturing partners we’ll explore the utilisation of a platform on which to build a continuous improvement framework. One that empowers everyone from the frontline to the boardroom.

Matt Mafrici, CEO, Team Assurance

2:10 – 2:30pm 

Additive Manufacturing in Production Process

AM capabilities can significantly enhance your operations, streamline production, and drive overall efficiency. Whether you are seeking to optimize product design, reduce lead times, or introduce lightweight components.

Jason Tan, Additive Manufacturing Technology Manager, Fordyno

2:30 – 3:00pm

Intelligent Automation for production, distribution, and intralogistics

Uncovering the latest automation optimisation strategies to turn traditional manufacturers into modern manufacturers.

Examine and take advantage of new value chains in production and gain insights into what new technologies will benefit warehouse operations.

Michael Kemeny, Managing Director, KNAPP

Thursday 21 September 2023

10:00 – 12:00pm

Four morning sessions hosted by NSW Government

All manufacturing industries are undergoing substantial changes as they shift to new technologies, new business processes, new skills and a new world. The morning sessions will explore the opportunities and challenges that are arising as a result of these changes. It will feature industry sector panels and presentations from important speakers who can provide insights into industry trends and the future of modern manufacturing.

10:00 – 10:10am 

Welcome and Overview from the Office of the NSW Modern Manufacturing Commissioner

Alix Wright, Associate Director, Office of the Modern Manufacturing Commissioner

10:10 – 10:30am 

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility and Advanced Manufacturing Trends

Hear about how the AMRF is integrating data capture and process control to create legacy manufacturing systems that will connect Western Sydney and NSW manufacturers with world class technologies and opportunities. 

Ben Kitcher, Executive Director Research and Technology, Western Parkland City Authority

10:30 – 11:15am 

Industry Panel

The benefits and opportunities for modern manufacturing to support enhanced efficiency, productivity and achieving decarbonisation.

Listen to industry leaders discuss:

  • The benefits and opportunities created from the adoption of modern manufacturing
  • How modern manufacturing can support environmental, social and corporate governance
  • How to undertake technology adoption and the relevance of supply chains
  • The future outlook of the manufacturing sector

Milan P.S. Bawa, General Manager Factory Automation, Siemans (moderator), with:

Grant McDowell, Founder, Spark Club

Mick Way, Group Special Projects Manager, R&R Murphy 

Dimitrije Grasar, Operations Manager, Circuitwise Electronics

Robert Wallis, General Manager, GPC Electronics New Zealand

11:15 – 12:00pm

Panel: Skills and Workforce

This panel will discuss and debate how the manufacturing industry can:

  • Ensure the education and training system is providing workers with the skills to support automation and digitalisation in modern manufacturing
  • Build business readiness capabilities and outcomes
  • Build competitive advantage through a skilled workforce


Moderator: Brendan D’souza, Business Development Manager, Skills Lab

David Barron, Executive Manager Stakeholder Engagement, Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance

Zoe Honeysett, Director Skills and Education, Western Parkland City Authority

Grahame Aston, Managing Director, PPC Moulding Services and President of the Plastics Industry Manufacturers of Australia

12.40 – 1:00pm

Meighan Heard

Take on the productivity challenge: Improve top-down performance with integrated robotics

Manufacturers have increasingly turned to robotics technology to boost productivity and streamline their manufacturing processes. Integrated robotics has proven to be particularly effective in achieving these goals, allowing production to run at higher speeds and for longer periods. The precision and accuracy of integrated robotics can contribute to overall performance and efficiency, eliminating the risk of errors and ensuring high-quality output. We will examine how manufacturers can remain competitive in their markets and achieve their productivity targets by leveraging the benefits of integrated robotics.

Meighan Heard, Executive Director, Commercial and Corporate, Mitsubishi Electric

1.00 – 1:30pm

Chandru Shankar

Supply Chain Resiliency

Manufacturers, still reeling from the pandemic effect, are scaling up efforts to prevent future major disruptions in their supply chain. Learn how organisations are building resiliency across their value chains.

Chandru Shankar, Managing Director for Manufacturing, HSO

1:30 – 2:00pm

Eight Ways to Make More With Less

In an environment of rising input costs and ongoing labour shortages, companies are looking for ways to do more with less in order to grow and maintain profit margins. One way to do this is through automation, but this usually involves large capital investment, long lead times and technical risk. In his presentation, Tim McLean will focus on the “Eight Wastes” of Lean and show simple practical ways that you can eliminate waste and “make more with less” right away and with no investment.

Tim McLean, Managing Director, TXM Lean Solutions

2:00 – 2:30pm

Emerging technologies to create competitive advantage

CSIRO is working to deliver on a number of technologies that aim to create competitive advantage for our manufacturing sector. Generative artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to the development and optimisation of catalytic static mixers in flow chemical synthesis, direct air capture structures, and indeed a range of other complex products such as batteries, filter membranes, and carbon fibre structures. A standardised robotic development platform can introduce cutting-edge algorithms and long-term supportability for advanced applications. Automated robot end-of-arm motion programming and advanced machine vision can revolutionise robotic additive material processes including in-situ component scanning and repair.

Christian Ruberg, Lead Future Digital Manufacturing, CSIRO

2:30 – 3:00pm 

The emergent Industrial Metaverse

  • What is the Industrial Metaverse?
  • How is the Industrial Metaverse making a difference for manufacturers?
  • When will be the Industrial Metaverse tipping point?
  • Why manufacturers need to take these opportunities the Industrial Metaverse has to offer?

Milan Bawa, General Manager, Siemens