Early Industry 4.0 Implementers Bosch AU Shares How Australia is Tracking in The Digital Manufacturing Revolution


Early Industry 4.0 Implementers Bosch AU Shares How Australia is Tracking in The Digital Manufacturing Revolution

May 2023

Industry 4.0 is a transformative concept that has been gaining momentum worldwide and in the manufacturing industry where it is integrated into processes to create smart factories that are more efficient, productive and agile.

While Australia has been making significant progress in widespread Industry 4.0 implementation, Germany is considered one of the earliest adopters. This is the result of the German government implementing a high-tech manufacturing implementation strategy about a decade ago to encourage innovation and digitisation in the manufacturing sector.

Bosch, a global technology leader and part of the Smart Manufacturing Conference at the upcoming Modern Manufacturing Expo in Sydney, Australia, was part of the first German Industry 4.0 working group that provided recommendations for this strategy.

Janak Gorana, Industry 4.0 Consultant at Bosch Australia,  highlights that the German strategy aimed to drive manufacturing forward by promoting digitisation, interconnectivity and integrated value chains to strengthen prosperity and economic growth. “Bosch, being a leading user and supplier of Industry 4.0 technologies, made several contributions to the strategy, including research and development, training for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and partnerships with universities and research institutes.”

“The emphasis was on the importance of having a digital transformation strategy, reducing resistance, and accelerating innovation at all levels. Bosch played a role in planning and implementing an ecosystem that is a digital twin of an entire business, integrating various technologies and processes to create a seamless and agile manufacturing environment,” he adds.

COVID-19 Accelerated The Need for Agile Digital Strategies

It is important to note that the original framework has evolved significantly since its inception, with a shift in focus to agility and greater speed in going to market as a finished product.

“The COVID-19 pandemic played a key role in expanding this framework by highlighting the importance of aspects like supply chain resilience, planning and automation in the manufacturing space,” says Janak. “Virtual reality (VR) and simulation have emerged as solutions to combat these challenges, with companies like Bosch investing in concept development, plant simulations and virtual commissioning using digital twins.”

As of this year, the updated original framework introduced by the German government now encompasses digitalisation and greater integration of supply chains, manufacturing processes, customization and cybersecurity – all areas that the Australian government and private sector have highlighted as essential in a post-COVID world.

Despite this urgency, Janak acknowledges that Australia is still in the early stages of digital transformation in the manufacturing sector and has been slower in adopting Industry 4.0 technologies compared to Germany. “However, the federal and state governments have introduced several initiatives to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness through the adoption of advanced technologies and processes. For example, the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre and Breakthrough Victoria are initiatives that work closely with industry partners to drive innovation.”

Bosch Australia also collaborates with start-ups that have solid digital transformation strategies and scalable business models.

Modern Manufacturing Expo Addresses Modern Challenges

The Modern Manufacturing Expo is another such initiative that aims to upscale manufacturing processes through the use of technology to boost Australia’s global competitiveness by bringing together leading suppliers and industry experts to showcase their products and share ideas.

The free two-day event takes place from 20-21 September 2023 at the Sydney Showground in Sydney Olympic Park. This year’s theme is “Connected, Automated & Digital Transformation” and attendees can experience the latest in manufacturing to power up operations and boost the speed and efficiency to bring new ideas and products to market.

Bosch will be participating in the Smart Manufacturing Conference Industry Panel discussion – ‘How Industrial IoT is Changing the Manufacturing Sector’ on Day One of the Expo.

“The 2023 Modern Manufacturing Expo will provide practical resources and solutions to address the biggest challenges that local manufacturers face –  challenges that may be preventing them from achieving their desired production outcomes,” explains Marie Kinsella, CEO of the International Exhibition & Conference (IEC) Group who is organising the Expo.

Detailing these specific challenges, Janak says that one issue they see time and time again is a lack of a clear digital transformation strategy, which is crucial for aligning business goals with technology implementation.

“Additional hurdles include not understanding the benefits of implementation as it may not be easy to quantify the return on investment (ROI) for digital transformation. The upfront investment remains a challenge for many local businesses as legacy technologies and siloed approaches to Industry 4.0 may result in higher costs and complexities.”

He emphasises that the key to overcoming these roadblocks is consulting with experts to develop a framework that aligns with the entire business to enhance the end-user experience. “The Modern Manufacturing Expo is the perfect platform to meet with such experts and learn more about the latest technologies and use cases,” Janak concludes.

Interested attendees can register for the Bosch panel discussion here: https://modernmanufacturingexpo.com/smart-manufacturing-conference/


About the Modern Manufacturing Expo 2023

The Modern Manufacturing Expo is for key decision makers and management looking to explore the latest automation and digital offerings for future growth. Featuring a showcase of technology advancements to innovative operational practices for manufacturers.

The Expo is a showcase of the latest in intelligent products, equipment and technology for Australian manufacturers in order to drive the shift required in advanced manufacturing.

“The new reality in manufacturing has arrived. It’s time to join the global shift into the future of manufacturing!”

When: Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 September 2023

Where: Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush

Website: https://modernmanufacturingexpo.com/


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