Modern Manufacturing Expo 2022

Data Policy

What is unauthorised use of data?

An unauthorised use of data occurs when data is used:

  • other than in accordance with its licensing terms;
  • by someone who does not have permission to use the data; and/or
  • in a way that interferes with an individual’s privacy either under the relevant privacy law or in breach of the Privacy Policy.

An unauthorised use of the event data occurs when an individual or organisation uses the event data in a way that breaches the Privacy Policy.

If you suspect there has been unauthorised use of data and/or the event website, please contact

What is a data breach?

A data breach occurs when the information collected and stored by the expo is misused or is removed, accessed, modified or disclosed without permission.

A data breach may be accidental (e.g., a person or organisation accidentally accesses or discloses personal information outside of what is authorised) or intentional (e.g., an expo database is hacked into or otherwise accessed by someone or an organisation outside of the event organiser and sells or attempts to sell the data to third parties).

The event organiser takes data breaches very seriously. If you suspect there has been a data breach involving information collected and stored by the expo, please contact immediately.

What is copyright?

Copyright is the bundle of rights in certain creative works, such as text, artistic works, music, computer programs, sound recordings and films. Copyright owners can prevent others from reproducing or communicating their work without their permission.

In Australia, copyright protection is automatic under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). A work will be protected as soon as it is put into material form (such as being written down or recorded in some way). A person does not need to register their copyright, publish the work, put a copyright notice on it to receive protection in Australia. A copyright owner may licence or sell their rights to others.

What is copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement occurs when one of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner is exercised without the permission of the owner.

A reproduction does not need to be exact or identical to be an infringement. Copying a significant extract of a copyright work will also be an infringement.

Copyright may also be infringed by a person who authorises someone else to do an act covered by copyright without permission. Both the person who gave the authorisation and the person who did the infringing act can be held responsible.

If you suspect your, or someone else’s, copyright has been infringed either by the expo or by someone using the expo website, please contact the organiser at

This policy may change at any time.

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University Of Sydney
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