Bringing AI Into Modern Manufacturing to Boost Profit and Lower Emission

Bringing AI Into Modern Manufacturing to Boost Profit and Lower Emission Written by Thanansan Kuganesan, CEREXIO PTY LTD

The manufacturing industry of Australia currently makes arduous efforts and risky decisions to restore the local manufacturing sector. The critical challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in Australia can be summated into a list as follows:

  • The product conversion costs of Australian manufacturers have become higher compared to international manufacturing giants such as China, India, Germany etc.
  • Labour shortages have handicapped the manufacturing processes, especially after the impacts of the global pandemic.
  • A McKinsey report says manufacturers can potentially increase production by up to 20% by leveraging AI; many companies have huge potential to reach the margin through a proper digital transformation.
  • Meeting net-zero emissions to comply with dynamic environment-friendly policies and constraints.
  • Suffering from supply chain delays etc.

These challenges keep the manufacturers from bolstering their production quality, meeting eco-friendly targets, and improving yield cost-efficient and effectively. However, after the advent of digital technologies defined by industry 4.0, manufacturers are blessed with smart technologies, easy-to-use predictive models, and process-based analytical advantages to reimagine manufacturing efforts to define the future of Modern Manufacturing in Australia.

Noteworthy AI Trends in the Manufacturing Industry of Australia

AI has unleashed its potential in rethinking the trends of the manufacturing sector. Here are a couple of the most significant manufacturing trends that are deeply rooted in the power of AI in the Australian manufacturing Industry.

Cost-cutting and Gaining Extra Profit Strategies Empowered by AI

One of the impactful questions asked by manufacturers is: how can we optimise product conversion cost? Modern manufacturers are frequently making endeavours to cut down a variety of costs, including development costs, integration costs, high manufacturing costs, defect costs etc. To ensure that all costs are maintained, manufacturers resolve to adopt new-age technologies. Thus, AI is an unmissable technology for manufacturing industry experts. It allows the manufacturers to:

  • Equip intelligent scheduling tools to schedule processes with optimum labour utilisation and other resource usages
  • Increase margins and cut down manufacturing costs
  • Minimise costs of rework and scrap by optimising defect detection
  • Provide predictive analytical opportunities to optimise factory uptime
  • Forecast expenses to improvise strategies to maintain healthy top lines and bottom line operations
  • Accelerate capabilities of manufacturers in overcoming supply chain delays


The Green Impact Behind Leveraging AI Technology

The carbon price for a chosen group of fossil fuels used by significant industrial emitters and governmental organisations was established at AUD$23 per tonne of CO2-e emissions in Australia. The eco-friendly policies are frequently impacting the Australian industrial establishments’ cost savings, resource recovery efforts, work health and safety, reputation and legal compliance.

Modern manufacturing giants in Australia can utilise AI technology to reduce emissions (like Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4) and Nitrous Oxide (N2O)) from complex manufacturing processes. Therefore, it is regarded as a not-to-be-missed advancement for manufacturers to decarbonise their targets by using AI to contribute to the supporting battle against climate change. AI can be coupled with IoT to reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing organisations by:

  • Predicting emission rates by training Emission Prediction Models powered by AI
  • Utilising AI to refine green corporate sustainable strategies with additional revenue and cut-down costs
  • Ensuring corporate sustainability by increasing value from the bottom line by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Monitoring emissions to deduct hazardous activity of manufacturing plants in real-time


Cerexio Bringing a Prosperous Future for Manufacturing Australia 

Cerexio is a globally-recognised AI-based Manufacturing solution provider for Australian manufacturing experts. Cerexio Manufacturing Execution System allows manufacturers to use the total power of automation by integrating new-age digital technologies like Automation, IoT, Digital Twin, Simulation, AR and VR, Predictive and Prescriptive Technology Models and more.

Reduce Product Conversion Cost

Cerexio MES inherits in-built algorithms that automatically detect KPIs to reduce production costs by up to 20%, which will subsequently increase the user’s workforce productivity phenomenally. This solution integrates data from meaningful manufacturing data sources across vast platforms to compile insights that will guide the user to neutralise business inflation. The system automatically understands the intricacies of your manufacturing operations and helps you provide better yield. Cerexio MES allows the user to:

  • Enable automated root cause analysis tools that interrelate data flows of multiple operations to detect hidden trends for more insightful decision-making
  • Activate AI-driven models, alarms and notification systems to inform impending expensive surprises on the factory floor
  • Diminish energy, labour and resource costs using intelligent KPI models
  • Help the manufacturer to overcome the six big losses: breakdowns, suboptimal changeovers, minor operational stops, substandard performance speed, startup defects, and rework/scrap
  • Improve cost-efficient operational decisions with data-driven insights into manufacturing processes and events


Smart Labour Utilisation and Healthy Labour Retention Starts Here

Cerexio MES solution is a smart and integrated technology package that allows your factory managers to optimise labour utilisation by allowing you to gain end-to-end control over your plant’s schedules and processes.  The built-in AI core engines and easily accessible algorithms allow the end-user to schedule tasks intelligently and optimise labour utilisation. Cerexio MES allows the end-user to:

  • Accurately track your manufacturing processes against labour productivity in a single effort
  • Allows plant managers to get the most out of their plant staff by stopping labour stress and fatigue
  • Allows your labour to refrain from being exhausted or slack during events by automatically assigning your labour to workstations to streamline operations
  • Automatically assign labour to time-sensitive operations to reduce idle time and improve yield


Control Wastages and Reduce Carbon Emissions With Cerexio

The Cerexio MES is the first manufacturing system that includes intelligent modules and accurate visualisation tools to track CO2 emission rates and simply assist your manufacturing facilities in reaching net-zero levels. Here are some of the features of this futuristic solution that you must not miss:

  • Automated KPI detectors to optimise energy efficiency
  • IoT-connected insight generators to deliver real-time insights to meet sustainability goals
  • Smart asset performance tools to control machines that produce carbon waste materials

How Cerexio MES Works

STEP 1: Sensors, PLCs & System Data:

Sensors captured data, Instrumentation data, and ERP data are centralised at the Cerexio MES platform via Cerexio’s proprietary AxonTM Multiprotocol Data Broker.

STEP 2: Data & Process-oriented Artificial Intelligence:

  • Build a customised multi-dimensional data matrix of your plant.
  • Apply intelligence to identify the ideal window strategy for each process and shift.
  • Balance each processing window ideally to maximise output while minimising wastage, emission and energy usage
  • Predict impending machine failures
  • Intelligent process scheduling
  • Automatic root-cause analysis


STEP 3: Guide & Act: 

  • Web, mobile and HMI-based MES system for your team’s convenience
  • Predictive maintenance for asset performance optimisation
  • Reduce replacement and maintenance costs automatically
  • The production team can smartly act to prevent losses before they happen and monitor the impact of the action taken
  • Start/stop machinery automatically with regard to their real-time conditions.
  • Generate ideal shift plans to optimise labour utilisation effortlessly.


STEP 4: Achieve Impressive Outcome: 

  • For your manufacturing team
    • Improve yield, throughput and quality
    • Maximise labour utilisation
    • Optimise product conversion cost
    • Guaranteed savings and extra profits
    • Optimise asset performance
  • For your environment
    • Minimise CO2 emission
    • Minimise energy costs
    • Reduce wastage

Connect with Cerexio to learn more about the unique features, benefits and capabilities of Cerexio MES.

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